The following information is taken from the SSQ Financial Group website and helps explain how you can potentially be considered for non-smoker rates even if you are a marijuana user when applying for insurance with their company.

Effective since July 7, this change applies to life insurance, critical illness insurance and disability insurance.


Effective since July 7, recreational marijuana users will be considered non-smokers, unless other tobacco products are also used. There are no age or insurance amount restrictions.

The new non-smoker definition will be used when we make our underwriting decision for all pending applications affected by this change.

Note that this change does not apply if marijuana is used for medicinal purposes.


This change does not automatically apply to policies currently in force. If you are affected by this change, a request for a change to non-smoker rates must be submitted. The request will be assessed accordingly.

In all cases, underwriting approval is subject to the assessment of the overall health condition as well as the smoking status.

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