The following information is taken from the Equitable Life website and helps explain how you can potentially be considered for non-smoker rates even if you are a marijuana user when applying for insurance with their company.

Marijuana Users Considered for Non-Smoker Rates

Equitable Life® has updated its smoking definition for life and critical illness insurance products. Clients who use marijuana, both inhaled and ingested, will be considered for non-smoker rates provided they do not also use tobacco. This change takes effect immediately and will impact both new and pending applications for life or critical illness.

“There has been a lot of research done about the effects of marijuana and how that compares to the impact of cigarettes,” explains Leslie Fleming, Assistant Vice-President, Chief Underwriter. “Equitable Life’s move to treat marijuana smokers as non-smokers reflects our belief that marijuana use does not share the same inherent risks that cigarette smoking does. Because of that, marijuana use should not automatically equate to higher smoker premiums.”

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